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US-2015122667-A1: Method of leaching molybdenum from sulfide mineral containing molybdenum and copper through electrolytic oxidation scheme patent, US-2015247406-A1: Method for assembling and disassembling a rotor having a number of rotor components of an axial flow turbomachine and such a rotor patent, US-2015277544-A1: Programmable scalable voltage translator patent, US-2015370710-A1: Optional acknowledgement for out-of-order coherence transaction completion patent, US-2016000621-A1: Surgical Table with Pivoting and Translating Hinge patent, US-2016020854-A1: System to enable communication, sometimes called Li-Fi or Visible Light Communication ( V.L.C. ) between computers or broadcast programs and simple microcontroller gadgets with limited user interfaces, to further the "internet of things" patent, US-2016054775-A1: Methods and apparatus to estimate power performance of a job that runs on multiple nodes of a distributed computer system patent, US-2016065098-A1: Magnetic levitation device for prolonged rotation patent, US-2016100660-A1: Attachable Organizer-Caddy Apparatus, System, Kit, And Methods patent, US-2016129338-A1: Educational and socially interactive learning game and method patent, US-2016263770-A1: A method for liquid treatment of a wood species patent, US-2017063649-A1: End-to-end policy enforcement in the presence of a traffic midpoint device patent, US-2015109825-A1: Controlling a Switched Mode Power Supply with Maximised Power Efficiency patent, US-2015167487-A1: Turbomachine cold clearance adjustment patent, US-2015175259-A1: Rotor hub for a rotorcraft patent, US-2015207859-A1: Vehicle-specific computation management system for cloud computing patent, US-2015261333-A1: Touch Panel patent, US-2015326713-A1: Communication server, communication terminal, and method of communication patent, US-2015370180-A1: Lithographic Apparatus and Method patent, US-2016038940-A1: Microfluidic Products WIth Controlled Fluid Flow patent, US-2016053913-A1: Electric Valve Actuator patent, US-2016129762-A1: Airflow outlet assembly and a passenger compartment for a vehicle patent, US-2016212807-A1: Led driver, lighting system and driving method with prolonged lifetime of luminous output patent, US-2016282787-A1: Image forming apparatus patent, US-2016378186-A1: Technologies for controlling haptic feedback intensity patent, US-2017083396-A1: Recovery strategy for a stream processing system patent, US-2017176915-A1: Shipping Cap for Drum Assembly patent, US-2015144264-A1: Plasma generating apparatus using mutual inductive coupling and substrate treating apparatus comprising the same patent, US-2015181667-A1: Driver circuit between fluorescent ballast and led patent, US-2015239308-A1: Method for setting multiple tpms sensors patent, US-2015280603-A1: Power conversion apparatus and air-conditioning apparatus using the same patent, US-2016075349-A1: Arrangement of a passenger information system in a rail vehicle patent, US-2016116359-A1: Pressure sensor package patent, US-2016188396-A1: Temporal anomaly detection on automotive networks patent, US-2016204064-A1: Size-filtered multimetal structures patent, US-2017016553-A1: Pilot valve patent, US-2017039962-A1: Liquid Crystal Display Apparatus and Display Method patent, US-2015093126-A1: Image forming apparatus having function of printing on index sheet, image forming system, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium patent, US-2015100276-A1: Medication recording apparatus and method patent, US-2015107401-A1: Pedal module for a vehicle having a control-by-wire system patent, US-2015121173-A1: Systems and Methods for Internal Disk Drive Data Compression patent, US-2015300865-A1: Substrate processing apparatus patent, US-2015333191-A1: Schottky diode patent, US-2015363402-A1: Statistical Filtering of Search Results on Online Social Networks patent, US-2015376513-A1: Methods and apparatuses for hydrocracking and hydrotreating hydrocarbon streams patent, US-2016000007-A1: Switch control mechanism for garden tool patent, US-2016134773-A1: Information processing apparatus, user detection method and computer program product patent, US-2016254087-A1: Planar Transformer patent, US-2016259901-A1: Determining disease state of a patient by mapping a topological module representing the disease, and using a weighted average of node data patent, US-2015121795-A1: Offset Laminate Seam System for Storage Bins patent, US-2015165759-A1: Endless flexible belt for a printing system patent, US-2015324912-A1: Quadratic optimum trading positions for asian options patent, US-2016244124-A1: Axle slider block with integrated chain adjustment means patent, US-2017136549-A1: Cutting Tool and Triangular-Shaped Indexable Cutting Insert Therefor patent, US-2015275955-A1: Locking apparatus for nut patent, US-2015285588-A1: Locking holster for a firearm patent, US-2016041589-A1: Progressive hinge patent, US-2016368702-A1: Vehicle Carrier patent, US-2017045704-A1: Buffer Tube Strain Relief patent, US-2017155711-A1: Processing Requests patent, US-2015248246-A1: Semiconductor device patent, US-2015264174-A1: Method and apparatus for content presentation in association with a telephone call patent, US-2015301588-A1: Method for controlling a sleep mode and electronic device thereof patent, US-2015311657-A1: Molded Light Strand patent, US-2016058660-A1: Systems and methods for head up cardiopulmonary resuscitation patent, US-2016089953-A1: Expandable refrigeration system for vehicles patent, US-2016173665-A1: Modular adjusting device, in particular for rf devices patent, US-2016243714-A1: Handheld Vegetable Julienne Cutter patent, US-2015121487-A1: Apparatus and method for securely managing the accessibility to content and applications patent, US-2015297323-A1: Sinus implant patent, US-2015359528-A1: Minimally open retraction device patent, US-2016156606-A1: Authentication within openflow network patent, US-2016191099-A1: Case for electronic device patent, US-2016292279-A1: Providing search results based on enterprise data patent, US-2017063883-A1: Metadata information based file processing patent, US-2015120895-A1: Express header for packets with hierarchically structured variable-length identifiers patent, US-2015188862-A1: Apparatus and Method for Multi-Format Communication Composition patent, US-2015302242-A1: Method of processing content and electronic device using the same patent, US-2016209069-A1: Method for temperature control patent, US-2016357347-A1: Interactive projection system and projection method thereof patent, US-2015192071-A1: Geared turbofan gas turbine engine architecture patent, US-2015310550-A1: Foreign exchange trade system, information processing method and program product patent, US-2016117742-A1: Collaborative Activities in On-Line Commerce patent, US-2017008461-A1: Roof railing for being detachably mounted on the roof frame of a motor vehicle patent, US-2017016420-A1: System and Method for Controlling Ultra-Capacitor Charge And Discharge in Vehicles with Auto Start/Stop Systems patent, US-2015094728-A1: Instrument for positioning a cup component of an orthopaedic joint prosthesis patent, US-2015120989-A1: Tracking and Utilizing Second Level Map Index for Recycling of Solid State Drive Blocks patent, US-2016026481-A1: System and method for deploying a data-path-related plug-in for a logical storage entity of storage system patent, US-2017258269-A1: Barbecue Grill and Smoker patent, US-2015142801-A1: System and Method for Intelligently Categorizing Data to Delete Specified Amounts of Data Based on Selected Data Characteristics patent, US-2015252774-A1: Bottomless-cup type water power conversion device utilizing flowing water energy patent, US-2015293507-A1: User interface performance graph for operation of a mobile machine patent, US-2016213985-A1: Golf club head with chamfer and related methods patent, US-2015126980-A1: Combined galvanic and pulsed optical energy for depilation patent, US-2015135507-A1: Protective leakage shield for liquid to air heat exchanger patent, US-2015144650-A1: System, Method, And Apparatus For Purchasing, Dispensing, Or Sampling Of Products patent, US-2015170665-A1: Attribute-based audio channel arbitration patent, US-2015197281-A1: Trailer backup assist system with lane marker detection patent, US-2016293653-A1: Semiconductor apparatus, solid state imaging device, imaging apparatus and electronic equipment, and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2016232038-A1: Application-level dispatcher control of application-level pseudo threads and operating system threads patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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